Part-Time MBA

Studienprogramm-Beschreibung für das Programm Part-Time MBA

The part-time MBA curriculum (60 ECTS) is a 21-month learning experience, which is divided into core lectures, elective modules, and a 5-month thesis period. Our business MBA programme includes a module abroad to either Europe (Oslo) or Asia (e.g., Singapore or Shanghai) and you can choose from many different electives.

The programme requires 61 lecture days (including 30 weekdays). Two modules are offered in block weeks (Mon-Fri/Sat): the first module right after the opening weekend and the module abroad in the following summer. All other modules take place on 16 extended weekends. On these non-consecutive weekends, lectures start on Friday in the early afternoon and finish on Sunday in the early evening.

In addition to the core curriculum, you can choose four elective courses (duration: 2.5 days each) from a selection of 15 different options from March to May. To increase networking effects, the electives are taken with the Full-time MBA class. Also, we have built in rotations for maximum flexibility each year.

Steckbrief für das Programm Part-Time MBA

Abschluss/Titel: MBA - Master
Unterrichtsmodus: Berufsbegleitend/Teilzeit
Schwerpunkt(e): Business Administration, Strategie, Finance, Accounting & Controlling, General Management
Anzahl Semester: 4

Teilnehmerinformationen für das Programm Part-Time MBA

Teilnehmeranzahl: 40
Bisherige Absolventen: 500+
Internationale Teilnehmer: 50%
Altersdurchschnitt: 31
Studienort: Adickesallee 32-34, 60322 Frankfurt am Main, Deutschland
Unterrichtssprache: Englisch
Akkreditierung: AACSB (USA), EQUIS (EU), AMBA (GB)
Bestätigte ECTS Programmpunkte: 60
GMAT benötigt: Nein
TOEFL benötigt: Ja, 60 Punkte
Berufserfahrung benötigt: Nein
Akademischer Abschluss benötigt: Ja
Zielgruppen: EU Resident Permit Holders
Schwerpunkte: Advanced Management Finance and Technology
Kosten: € 42.000,-
Studienstart: September